APAY Conducts GATN Task Force and Mentors Meeting

The Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs held its GATN Task Force and Mentors Meeting on 5-9 December, 2017 at Taichung, Taiwan. Task Force members and mentors from Australia, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan gathered to share information and discuss the Alternative Tourism program of the YMCA.


In the meeting, a review of the framework of the GATN was conducted where the practitioners of Alternative Tourism shared important components of their GATN programs. Similarly, a survey on the current programs were conducted in order to get a better view on how the participants, the community, and the YMCA work in achieving the objectives of the GATN. The future directions of the GATN were also shared among the participants.


Aside from the discussion, the participants also visited a tea house where the process of tea making and tea storing were explained.


Tea Making Process

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