Adventures with the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur’s GATN are not just fun but inspiring. Here we tell you of two adventures we had with two different GATN Teams accompanying us:

GATN Team from Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong University YMCA

We were off to a great start, when we hosted the best outdoor adventure we have ever had for seven days and six nights with an 11-member University YMCA (Hong Kong Baptist University) youths and their two advisors from Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, accompanied by three staff from YMCA of Kuala Lumpur.

The team started of their journey to the base of Tok Nenek Mountain at dawn from the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur. Before heading up to the highland we had our breakfast at Tapah Town Rest and Recreation Highway Stop (R&R) to keep ourselves fueled up. We met up with our Mountain Guides at Kampung Raja (Raja Village), Cameron Highland and headed off to Lojing, a hamlet off of Gua Musang, Kelantan for a briefing and distribution of food rations to be carry up the mountain. The group started their journey on a 30 minutes ride on 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles to the base of the mountain, Pos Brooke. The group trekked for two hours on a flat ground until they reached a knee height river before taking a rest and lunch by a majestic waterfall. Adventure started at the late afternoon, where they had to cross the second river which was slightly above the knee height and crawled below the bamboo trees followed by an ascending climb up with their headlights switched on before reaching at the basecamp almost close to midnight. After a short rest, the group continued their climb up towards the peak before dawn in order to return back to the Basecamp by midnight. At the peak, it was more than beautiful, because the view was inspiring to all the participants. Everyone felt accomplished when they returned back to the base of the mountain. It was an unforgettable expedition for the Uni Y youth from Hong Kong to trek in a rainforest mountain for a full three days and two nights. A day before another adventure at Gopeng, Perak the group went out for a city hunt. The enthusiastic youths continued their adventure at Gopeng, Perak for White Water Rafting and Waterfall Abseiling.

The Uni Y Team had a meaningful sharing session over their 5 days excursion to Tok Nenek Mountain, including experiences about their City Hunt, White Water Rafting and Waterfall Abseiling. Participants were excited and thrilled about climbing up to Mount Tok Nenek as well their memorable experience riding the 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles to and back. It was unanimously concluded that everyone had a memorable excursion week in Malaysia through our GATN Programme.


GATN Program with Kuala Lumpur YMCA Members

The second GATN adventure was a one day mangrove planting at Kuala Selangor Nature Park by 20 participants from YMCA KL, a total of six children and 14 adults.

The participants were briefed on the pristine mangrove swamp and its vulnerable ecosystem by the Park Guides. A total of 20 mangrove seedling trees were planted by the participants. After the Learning and Volunteering Sessions were completed, the participants took their time to stroll around the Kuala Selangor Nature Park. By noon, the participants cleaned up their items and ate their pre-packed lunch before saying goodbye to the park. All participants arrived safely at the YMCA KL at 4:00pm.

The YMCA of Kuala Lumpur’s GATN program began in 2013 and have hosted 13 groups from different local YMCAs in Asia Pacific. The YMCA KL’s GATN Packages/Projects essentially focused on the Environment (Environmental Immersion and Advocacy), Culture and Heritage (Indigenous Immersion, Adventures and Cultural Immersions) and of the Disabled Community (Friends With Disabilities). The YMCA KL currently has five areas of focus in our GATN Programmes which are spread out into components of Rural Harmony of Homestay in Malaysia, Environment Immersion & Advocacy, Indigenous Immersion of Carey Island, Borneo Adventures & Cultural Immersion, Living through the History of Malaya & Journey to the Silent World.


If you or your young people are interested in having adventure and learning at the same time, please contact YMCA KL Programmes Department at +603-22741439 or email us at

– Amielia Cheong, Kuala Lumpu YMCA Program Secretary

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