Buzzing cities filled with gastronomic experience and melting pot of cultures, Malaysia is a sure way to captivate a traveler's heart in South East Asia. Offering the diverse, colorful and rich culture of Malaysia, this country will ignite people's passion for adventure. Furthermore, focusing on the element of an Alternative Tourism, Malaysia will not only be a destination filled with travel photos and picturesque landscape, but it can be a home where inclusion, engagement, and relationship are the top priorities.


The local YMCAs in Malaysia has been working earnestly to provide travelers an experience far beyond a normal tourism would. Through the different thematic programs YMCA can organize, one will surely find himself/herself immersed in the traditional simple life, engaging in sports games with people with disabilities, and learning indigenous knowledge on the environment in Malaysia's nature park. Social realities will also be given importance as participants learn not only it but be given an opportunity to take action for it. 


Indeed, the Alternative Tourism dares to challenge people to travel responsibly and sustainably while not forgetting the wonders of experiences and relationships built. 



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