Batticaloa District

Batticaloa District

Right in the centre and the heart of Eastern Sri lanka is a jewel of a city named Batticaloa; this will summarize all of the cool things to do in Batticaloa. Walk and shop your heart’s desire through Batticaloa’s historic Downtown, go lagoon fishing right next to the city, take a guided tour though Batti town and be mystified by all its beauty. On a side note, there are also many attractions quite near to Batticaloa town, such attraction include but not limited to Pasikuda and Thopigala. There are many cool things to do in Batticaloa as an adult or as children.  There is so much to see that you cannot do see it all in one single night, also virtually every day there is always something different going on in the city.

What to do in Sri Lanka?

Boat Ride in Batticaloa Lagoon

The lagoon in Batticaloa contributes a lot to its beauty. There are many boating spots in Batticaloa with trained guides with safety equipment to take you on a boat trips. The lagoon within has few beautiful tiny islands that are ideal for bird watching and camping. Don’t miss to visit Manthivu, Bone Island and Buffalo Island. Manthivu is known as the bird paradise of the Eastern province Sri Lanka. Also you could visit the Eco Park and the lagoon bar mouth that opens in to the Indian Ocean. Some hotels too take you on a lagoon boating trip, you could speak to the service providers to have your own customized trip around Batticaloa Lagoon.

 Parks in Batticaloa

There are many lagoon side parks in Batticaloa,   Gandhi Park and the lagoon park which are close to the Batticaloa town are must visit places while you are in Batticaloa. These parks are surrounded by the Batticaloa lagoon. Batticaloa Gate, a historic land mark is situated within the Gandhi Park. If you are with kids, Puliyanthivu children's park is waiting just for them with modern slides and swings, located just beside Batticaloa clock tower. There are two more parks for children closer to Batticaloa town; one is at Eco Park and the other next to the light house, option recommended to be included in your list of things to do in Batticaloa.

Coconut Cultural Park, Pasikuda

After enjoying having a swim at the stunning Parikuda beach, you should also consider visiting the Coconut Cultural park located close by in front of malu malu resort within the coconut cultivation board farm. The park has many things to do and learn such as; A ride on the Bull a cart, Learn how traditional toddy, Coconut oil, handy craft and local food preparation methods. Don't forget to taste coconut ice cream and watch the cultural dance. The park is managed by the coconut cultivation board and located within a 150 acre coconut plantation. It's a place worth spending some time with your family to understand the cultural background of the region.

Batticaloa Lighthouse

Batticaloa light house is situated in Palameenmadu, It was built in 1913. The height of the tower is 28 meters.  You could climb up the tower to capture the stunning view of the lagoon and its surroundings. The Echo Park, islands, fishing crafts, coconut cultivation and the lovely greenish bluish lagoon are visible from here. For safety reasons the main gate and the entrance to the stair way are kept closed at all times. Get the perdition from the security guard for access, this is also a place you should include in your list of things to do in Batticaloa.

Batticaloa Public Market

Visit the Batticaloa public market. It’s a great chance for you to learn about the fresh produce industry and its vegetable supply chain. Walk through the vegetable stalls, have a close up view of the varieties of locally consumed vegetables. You can find quality locally produced dry fish if you are interested to buy. Ideal time to visit the market is from 9 am to 11 am. The market at times will be crowded and noisy.

Bird Watching

Batticaloa District has many endemic and migrant birds flying around enjoying the warm climate. Some of the prime bird watching locations in are Vakarai, Kudumbimalai, Kiran interior, Eralakulam and Paduwankarai. We advise you to go along with a guide if you are exclusively on a bird viewing mission, and make sure your guide knows where to find what. Take your viewing and stable photographic equipment and sun protection.

Kovil, Church and Mosques

Batticaloa culture is a mix culture of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Batticaloa people are friendly and live together in harmony. Many religious institutions exist around the district where you could visit, speak to a local to find out about festivals and special cultural and religious ceremonies. Those who have visited Batticaloa and got familiar with the weather, environment and the Beaches, are likely to return here again and again. If you are spending couple of days in Batticaloa, plan a day trip to the west part of Batticaloa to experience the village lifestyle, they culture, the cool calm and healthy environment. Plan your things to do in Batticaloa well depending on the length of your stay in Batticaloa


Old and new Kallady Bridge Batticaloa

There are several bridges in Batticaloa that connects parts of the divisions with the mainland, most bridges that were built recently across the lagoon has become a gathering point in the evenings in recent time. Among them are the New Kallady brigge, Old Kallady Bridge and the Manmunai Bridge. Admire the beauty of the lagoon and activities happening around it by visiting one of the bridges during the evening hours.




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