Global Alternative
Tourism Network

Global Alternative Tourism Network is a network of different YMCAs that promotes Alternative Tourism. GATN is an initiative of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs that aims to challenge the negative impact of mass tourism by promoting a more responsible and more sustainable kind of tourism. More than a program, Alternative Tourism is an advocacy and a tool that empowers not only the traveller but as well as the community it works with.


Are you interested sending groups to join a GATN program, here are easy steps on how to do it.

Collect information by reading through the different GATN stories and news. You may utilize the website to see what programs are being offered in various sites.

Using the guide that you have read, make a list of activities that you wish to conduct in the program.

Communicate and discuss with the GATN Manager to arrange and finalize the itinerary for the program.

Let this be a start of a collaboration between the YMCA and your group in empowering the people and the community.