Know more about GATN, it's principles and the story behind it.

Our Program

The Global Alternative Tourism Network is an initiative of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs to promote sustainable tourism. More than the belief that tourism should be leisure and pleasure, GATN believes that tourism should be a learning, sharing and transformational experience.

Our Movement

The Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs is a membership of 24 countries in the Asia and Pacific. It has been conducting several programmes with objectives of sustainable lifestyle, economic development of marginal communities, and preservation of environment and ecology. Sustainable tourism was seen as a means to implement such outcomes in a unique, interesting, and integrated way.

Our Stories

GATN Stories is a compilation of narrative, realizations, or thoughts about the Alternative Tourism program of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs. For people wanting to share their stories, send an email to

Our Resources

As part of our advocacy to increase awareness about Alternative Tourism, here are several resource materials available for all to read in order to grasp the concept.

Alternative Tourism

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries with more people being interested to travel and experience different places. However, behind the well-advertised images of holidays and funs lays a darker reality that affects the community. In the same manner that Tourism is too gigantic industry to wish it away. Given the innate desire for travelling, tourism will continue to exist. Hence, there is a need for a kind of tourism that will bring benefit to both the travellers and the local community.

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The participants of the Managers' Training held in Matara, Sri Lanka

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Traversing the busy street of Sri Lanka

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The Sending YMCAs gave perspective on their expectation

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Listening attentively during the discussions